We arrived at Cascais  Tuesday 22nd March 2016. It is a beautiful fishing port, Marina and holiday town near Lisbon Portugal. The primary reason for our stop was the mandatory 20 hour engine service, which we had pre -booked prior to departure from La Rochelle. We had such good wind that we did not need to run the engines, but the hot water and charged batteries were a welcome side effect. The mechanic managed to turn two good engines into two non starters… and many hours later the second expert managed to get them running again, but it gave us time to explore this lovely town, and to do some much needed provisioning.

The evening meal was in a wonderful small local restaurant in the back streets of the town, just on the edge of the tourist area, I will try to work out the name  using trip advisor and edit this post to give them full credit for a wonderful meal.  On the way back to the boat we found a marvellous quirky Cuban bar called La Bodeguita .


016 Beautiful old town Cascais

Beautiful old town Cascais

017 Cascais Sailing School

Cascais Sailing School

018 First port of call - first fridge magnet

First port of call – first fridge magnet



Bonjour Perl Bali – Seeing her for the first time in La Rochelle.

Leg 1 – La Rochelle to Cascais

Leg 2 – Cascais to Gibraltar


Leg 3 – Gibraltar to Canet  – Dolphins

Canet – Irina Jumps for Joy